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dunno about the colours, but the novelties def need more work. i can see potential in it being better, especially the constellations one.


I recommend adding accent arrows to either base or nov or bar kit. Also, iso novelties seem unrelated to other novs because they're not space objects. I really like the colors in general.

Novelties need work. It is hard to tell what some of them are and the way they are grouped thematically is a little confusing.
If you goal is to represent the universe - I would focus on more space objects and things and remove the man made objects.
Consider pushing the theme of your novelties more star gazer centric or universe centric. Right now it is man made stuff and universe stuff. The universe through the human gaze could be a cool idea. There are a crap ton of space novelties out there so you have to be on point - GMK Apollo did it well. GMK Godspeed did an ok job.

Colorway is good. The deep and muted tones work for me. The accent color isn't my thing. Personally I think the yellow accent could be either more white and or more saturated to the sun color. Notice the text that you used on your banner pops more than the actual keycap. Those two colors make more sense to me and you already chose them. If you are going for a white L9 might actually work really well and it is a GMK stock color which would save turn around time. If you invert the blues you have it is almost exactly L9. High contrast can be good.

If you are tackling the universe it may be hard to know where to start.
Huge personal preference - I would much rather have a backspace labeled black hole than a picture of a black hole. Since you already have Icon mods text novelties could be fun.
Enter -> Orbit
Shift -> Phase
Cap -> Zenith
Delete -> Eclipse

You get the idea - Good luck with your first set.

Reserved  :thumb:


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