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Any d2f-f-3-7 mouse switch replacement?


I have Logitech M-M35 serial mouse with d2f-f-3-7 that I have to replace. Could you tell me what are compatible switches that I can use to fix this mouse?

The naming is likely just an industrial reference, best we can tell, it's a gold Japanese D2F switch.

Just look for a D2F-01 or D2FC -01 to replace it, the latter is a cheaper Chinese version. You can also just go D2C or D2FC which is a silver plated spring rather than gold.
Basically, it's just a D2F mouse switch.

Excuse me, I could provide a photo of those switches. Here it is:

We know it's just a D2F, can even tell you it's a 3mil press lifespan, it's just a matter of what leaf spring is inside, the spring rate and material.

Because it has (what we assume is a machine feed nomenclature, or Logitech specific number) there's some debate as to the exact internal specs. Omron doesn't give those to consumers but it's just a common D2F switch.

Word of warning, you'll be tempted to get a 5, 10, 20mil lifespan switch.... Many of us are of the opinion that the higher the lifespan the more easily they're damaged from abuse, and these are SUPER easy to damage, literally just resting a finger on them shortens the lifespan to where lower numbers can outlast higher numbers.

Way, waaaay, waaaaaaaay too much D2f info if you're interested is found here, which is strangely the most complete Omron info you can find.


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