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PokÚdex Entry #197 - Umbreon

Umbreon evolved as a result of exposure to the moon's waves.
It hides silently in darkness and waits for its foes to make a move.
When darkness falls, the rings on the body begin to glow,
striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby.

ShianaSSK - Pensa73

Quetzal - Pensa73



Deskmat - "OG"

Deskmat - "Shiny"

Looking for collabs!

Color Samples
Samples taken under shaded daylight (7400 K) and color-corrected.
Samples are also compared with GMK Umbra keycap samples (old colors), as shown.

Color Data
All scans conducted with Nix Spectro 2 under D50/2 Illuminant.
References are scanned directly from a physical RAL D2 color book.
"PASS" (ΔE≦2) means that there is little to no perceptive difference between the reference and the sample.
■ RAL 240 20 05
■ RAL 240 30 05
■ RAL 240 60 40
■ RAL 095 90 40
■ RAL 110 90 05

China / International: KBDFans
US: Mekibo
Canada: Deskhero
Australia: Daily Clack
Europe: MyKeyboard
UK: MechMods

Estimated In-Stock Sale Date
February 2023

Color change? (story)
MoreAfter the GMK Umbra group buy, I was planning on doing a re-run in the future. However, I moved on to other keyset projects for a while, but eventually came back to Umbra.
Since I had a few years to think about the set and gain a little more experience and knowledge, I decided to not just rerun the set, but to revise it. I didn't want
to go too far, though - only enough to improve the set, maybe add something new, but to keep the original feel of GMK Umbra. This turned out to take a lot more time than I anticipated!

The first thing I wanted to revise was the modifier color. While it was accurately matched and looked correct under proper lighting, the color often appeared a bit too dark under other angles and lighting.
I found that to have drifted off a little from my vision where the color of the modifier could be clearly recognized from all angles and lighting, a closer monochromatic separation.
I began experimenting for a long while, obtaining many different Pantone plastic chips in the process, until I finally took a good look in the same color deck used with GMK Umbra, the RAL D2.

The two new colors are for the modifier and the alphas. To complement the OG (yellow mods) kit that I planned to bring in, I chose colors that were less saturated with blue,
but still had a similar hue as the original colors. Their saturation also more closely matches each other, so the monochromatic scheme is more balanced. The new modifier color is now
lighter, but still dark enough to have the feel of the original concept.

Over the last 3 years, a lot has changed in the world of keycap manufacturing. GMK lead times have stretched from a manageable 6 months to 1+ years. New manufacturers
have come out with more budget-friendly and faster options while keeping quality high. I have chosen the rerun of Umbra to be with one of those manufacturers, PBTFans.

In-stock sale?
Yes, PBTFans operates currently on an in-stock sale format. That means some time after this interest check is posted, kitting and prices will be finalized and production will begin.
When the group buy page goes up, that means the set is available for immediate shipping. Better than waiting an extra year for GMK

Can you add/remove xyz from a kit?
Unfortunately, due to the way the molds are produced, the kitting will remain static. Removing keys will not lower the manufacturing costs.

How much?
The base kit will be targeted around $80.

Doubleshot PBT.

Discord Server

Looks great!! GLWIC

I am about to say my longest yeah boi ever

ABOUT TIME! take my money good sir

Please consider PBTFans ABS, I feel it would be nicer for these dark colors.


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