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[IC] WIND X R2 by wind Studio,Southpaw version comes!

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【IC】wind x R2 by wind studio, southpaw verison comes
Hello,we are wind studio.First of all,we are very appreciated that everyone who participated in our previous keyboard kits, also thank you for all suggestions and expectations for our project.
We heared a lot of sound that want us to start a wind x r2, ,so we decided that we will start a wind x r2 instock/GB sale after this IC.
This post is simple IC for wind x r2,there will be a formal IC before GB and will show more all details(price,picture,structure.....). Speaking of this,some people care about that when will ship their x98 GB order.
We can delivery it to vendors about 3 months acccording to our current progress schedule.
To be simple,let us look at the changes on wind x r2 compared with wind x:

We will still start instock sale and GB sale for wind x r2, what is difference?

Instock Color:
More color at GB, and can choose top/nottom case color and middle color.

Add a groove wind logo on the side of the case,you can use the acrylic paint pen to fill the color, also can remove it easily by alcohol

The back, brass weight and black mirror stainless steel PVD material optional:
And add a x% design on it.

The decorative piece near to the arrow keys,PC/brass/black stainless steel PVD material optional:
If you want that show the light on when you press capslock,you can choose PC material, or choose brass/stainless steel PVD


Who are interested in southpaw version, you can check which layout you perfer and fill in the IC collection form.

The last, we will provide artisan keycap at GB sale(the color still not decide)

WIND X R2 Interest check collection:

Welcome to join our discord: and any suggestions will be appreciated.
There will be a formal IC after collect more suggestions.

Thanks for your attention!

Access denied error on google form.

Also absolutely no pricing information?


--- Quote from: vhaarr on Thu, 13 October 2022, 01:13:37 ---Access denied error on google form.

Also absolutely no pricing information?

--- End quote ---

Already update the google form, pls check,thank you very much.

YES! Here we go!

my R1 wind-x has to be my most used keyboard, it proved to be an excellent keyboard in a work-friendly form factor.
I like it so much I'm very tempted in getting another one in southpaw variant :D

price it similarly to the R1 and I'll be 100% in.

also please design the newer plates with R1 compatibility.


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