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[IC] Leviatán - Plateless 60% -- New Update

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Plateless, PCB-mounted leaf-spring 60%



Over the summer I wanted an FRLTKL, so I made one. The keyboard was fantastic but I decided I preferred the way the 60% version looked – so here we are now. After testing v1 (the FRLTKL), I was happy with the design, so I made the 60% and organized a private sale for it (around 30 units). The units of the private sale are scheduled to come in 4 weeks. The colors I made were dark purple, dark red and silver. The colors from the private group buy will not be available again for the public run of this board. These units have changes based on what I wanted to improve after testing the FRLTKL. The only major change was an increase in weight size and changes to the rubber feet.

The mounting system, dimensions, tolerances, and almost every single detail of the FRLTKL is identical to the 60%. The only change is the layout. If someone has the luck to be able to test the FRLTKL at a meetup, expect Leviatán to be virtually identical in sound/feel. Below are some photos of the FRLTKL (thanks to NickTheLard). As you will see, the 60% is the same down to the chamfer sizes, so I decided to show the FRLTKL anyway for reference. The FRLTKL design may have a standalone IC in the future, that is not decided yet. I am aware that showing a keyboard that is not the one for the IC is unorthodox, but the design is the same and I wanted to show how good the overall aesthetic looks IRL. :thumb:



* Materials: Copper weight, aluminum top/bottom
* Mounting style: Plateless, leaf-spring gasket
* Case top layout options: WKL, HHKB, and WK
* Typing angle: 9 degrees
* Front height: 17.5 mm, adjusted front height 18.5 mm
* Weight: ~2.5 kg, Copper weight alone is 1.6 kg
* Dimensions: 295.70 mm x 116.826 mm
* 30A hardness, 1.5 mm Poron gaskets
* M3x10 front screws, M3x20 back screws
* Sagrada PCB for ease of replacement
* Fly DB by ToastyStoemp, with JST-to-Molex cable due to internal constraints
* Through-weight design that covers the daughterboard cable for better acoustics
* Link to sagrada PCB compat
* Link to sagrada PCB tab design

Exploded view of internals

RENDERS Renders by Zetina
Colors shown here are not exact representations of the actual manufactured color. As soon as color samples arrive I will update the thread (ETA: 4 WEEKS)





Each kit will come with the following components:

* Copper weight
* Aluminum top/bottom case
* PCB with daughter board and cable
* 4x M3x10 screws
* 4x M3x20 screws
* 4x rubber feet
* 12x gaskets + 2x spares
* Branded carrying case
* Branded microfiber cloth

* 100 MOQ with 200 soft cap.
* Sale system TBD based on IC responses
* Estimated price around $425–485 depending on MOQ/vendors
* Only 2 colors will be made: beige and dark gray, both with copper weights
* Vendor information to be disclosed in the future. NA/EU confirmed, will update when things are finalized properly. Other regions pending on IC

A limited number of in-stock extras from the private run will be available for purchase upon completion of QC and shipment. These units were ordered to ensure any defects during QC could be handled properly. I expect that there will be around 10 extra units between the following configurations:

* Dark red HHKB
* Dark purple HHKB
* Silver HHKB
* Dark red WKL
* Dark purple WKL
* Silver WKL
The private run price was $445, and the in-stock extras price will be $475 plus shipping.

If someone is interested in any of these colors, I suggest paying attention to my server, since these colors won’t be produced again.


* Finish pricing information
* Receive and photograph private run color samples AND group buy color samples
* Prepare logistics for QC and shipping of private run
* Get in touch with vendors
* Finalize rubber feet, either commercial or custom will be used. TBD
* Send promotional units to streamers, photographers and obtain feedback from closed sale participants

My Discord server:

Most updates will be posted on my server as well as Geekhack.


This project would not have been possible without the members of my discord server. From taking part in both private group buys to helping me polish and refine any design I come up with. Thank you!!
Special thanks to Chonk, for supporting me blindly; Peppy for putting up with my bull**** and Manu for yelling at me here and there.
And obviously Zetina, for the amazing renders.


November 17th Update :

Overall project updates:

* Beige prototype has arrived, I have built it and all tolerances are perfect, will upload pictures of internals within the coming days (not home for thanksgiving break)
* R0 units are expected early December, once they arrive and I have completed QC the sale for the extras will happen.
* Discussion with vendors is ongoing, but EU/NA have been agreed, information to follow.
* I have added a Topre drop-in kit for Leviatán. Both MX and Topre will be supported with the same case. MX will be plateless as originally intended Topre will be top mount with an FR4 plate.
December 5th update

All the closed group buy units have shipped to me, I should be receiving them this week. Once I have quality checked them all I will compile a list of the available extra units to be sold. Because I do not have the infrastructure to use fancy raffle sites I will just compile the entries on a google forms and invoice the respective winners. My goal is to have the main boards out of my house before Christmas, with the extras sale happening once everyone has received their unit and there are no issues anywhere.

I will keep a fairly large amount of PCBs stocked up so that those with a need for more PCBs can get one. Sagrada is delivering Q1 2023 as well, with the PCB being shared across both projects. This was done to make sure borked PCBs can be replaced easily and cheaply.

I am working with vendors to secure the final group buy information, and I have already implemented topre to the design. More information to come soon.

Love the weight design.
Please consider EU vendor.

Dark grey goes hard  :cool:

Looking forward to seeing those dark grey samples  :thumb:


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