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[IC] Machida - WKL/HHKB 40%

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Premium WKL/HHKB 40% Keyboard
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Machida (pronounced ma-chi-da) is a Premium 40% Keyboard, sporting a 13u WKL or HHKB layout, and utilizes an o-ring bottom + gasket top mount construction.
Supported Layouts: More

Inspired from the traditional Korean Dancheong Artwork, the weight features an engraving of the Morucho pattern with the Hangul name, 마치다, in the left corner. The rear laser etched clouds are inspired from South Korean Tattoo Artist, PittaKKM.
See Reference Images: MoreDancheong Artwork:

I took a trip to Seoul to visit my sister and took these photos at various Palaces and Temples throughout the city.

PittaKKM Tattoo Works:

You can view their incredible tattoos over on their instragram:

These tattoos are where direct inspiration came from:

And their instagram posts

Keyboard Specifications:
- Typing Angle: 5.0o
- Case Materials: Anodized Aluminum Top and Bottom Body, Brass Weight
- Mounting: Gummy O-Ring Bottom and Gasket Top
- PCB: Solder PCB with USB-C Daughterboard - Configurable with VIAL
- Front Height: 19mm Effective Height


Update 0 (Nov. 8th, 2022): Posted IC in my Discord and 40s Discord, lots of good feedback. Quite a few requests for HHKB Blockers so they were added as of Nov. 21st
Update 1 (Dec. 17th, 2022): A few changes will be made moving forward:
 - plate and pcb assembly is lowered by 1mm to help reduce the "floating" keycaps look
 - external fillets are changed from G1 to G3 for a more natural external look
 - removed the bottom middle tab on the plate to help soften the spacebar acoustics
I held two polls to determine whether to change the hangul weight engraving and the rear etch, these are the results:
 - Hangul weight engraving will stay the same (88-24, in favor to stay)
 - Rear laser etch will be optional during GB (69-42, not enough majority)
Update 2 (Jan. 16th, 2023): Revised HHKB and WKL Protos have shipped from manufacturer!


Worldwide: Fruitykeeb @
Always open to vendors, regional and domestic. Feel free to reach out if interested.

Pricing: Undetermined, aiming for <400USD
Quantities: 40-50 units, maybe more depending on interest


Planned Colors:
Turquoise + Brass Weight

Red + Brass Weight

E-White + Brass Weight (Limited QTY)

Black + E-Black Weight (Limited QTY)


Twitch Stream VODs:
- Full Build VOD
- Walkaround Timestamp
- Typing Test
- Mods & qopwieaslkjdzx,mcn

- Full Build VOD
- Typing Test
- Actual machida inspiration (big true)

HHKB and WKL Render by OJ-Designs
These colors may not be super accurate, refer to the Configs/Colors section for accurate colors

V1 MJF Prototype: More

I spilled something on this, idk what it was but whatever


Why don't you have HHKB protos? HHKB just got added so I am still considering ordering prototypes.

Hey this looks like Spectacle. Yes, I spoke to Stilou Studio and they gave me their blessing for the design.

Hotswap PCB? Nope.


As always, I can't do these boards without the support and feedback of everyone involved <3

OCM for the art and literally carrying this hobby
Dani for pushing this design into something truly unique
Stilou Studio for the original side profile inspiration
Epid for carrying my firmwares and writing me new hex's at the drop of a hat
Derek for staying up late with me finding inspiration
All the proto buyers for their trust and enabling this design to see the light

Everyone else who has bought any of my boards or supported me along the way.

Thank you


Thanks for reading the IC <3

Consider leaving a comment below, filling the IC form, and joining the Fruitykeeb Discord

Latest Update:

Update 2 (Jan. 16th, 2023): Revised HHKB and WKL Protos have shipped from manufacturer!


hhkb bully reporting in, gimmee

Thanks machidaddy


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