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[IC] JRIS75 - Quick Disassembly and Adjustable PCB Gasket Mount Keyboard Updates

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Hello everyone,

There is a very long time since we last updated. We have a couple of updates this time. Thank you so much for your patience and support.
JRIS75 INFOJRIS75 is a more creative, functional, and durable kit.
We use a 75% layout to add a quick disassembly, triple adjustment of plate hardness, and modular components
(Support the Switch, Badge, Rotary knob, and LED light sign swap).Render Album
Full CNC aluminum case, internal brass weight, enhancing the overall stability and sound performance.

Simple and clean design---continuing the dual-weight design of JRIS65 but Blank Back Weight.

Swap switch, rotary knob, Badge, and LED light sign assembly. Give you define more possibilities and more individual and diverse appearance options to meet the cool trend needs.
Blank rotary knob and Badge for DIY.

New gasket mounting system ---3 installation ways for different hardness needs bring you three different typing experiences.A more convenient quick disassembly design and adjustable quick disassembly force make your DIY process more convenient and fun.Bigger battery compartment, more robust wireless mode range.Budget-friendly price, high performance, better-customized experience, and lower threshold allow everyone to experience higher-end customization.
Design Highlights:
LayoutThe JRIS75 is designed for daily use, so we adopted the compact layout, which looks clean and can help improve typing efficiency. In addition, the internal structure is more uniform to ensure good typing sound and a more consistent typing experience! 
Quick DisassemblyTo enhance your assembly experience, JRISLAB learns the quick-disassembly structure for the JRIS75. You can adjust the amount of compression on the snap screw to achieve different quick-release strength adjustments.In addition, we moved the battery wiring port from the PCB to the daughter board, and only one connection wire is retained between the PCB and the bottom shell. That makes the internal wires neater and simplifies the steps of disassembly and installation.
We added pins on the keyboard's 2 sides, which are not shown in our structure photo,
making it easier to align all the mounting points so that the quick assembly will not go wrong.
And we will update more structure details in our next post.
Adjustable PCB Gasket Mount
Unlike JRIS65, we did not continue to use PCB gasket jackets or socks this time. We use the adjustable PCB Gasket Mount system to support three different hardness experiences.Gasket 1:SoftestGasket 2:MiddleGasket 3:Hardest
Specifications:Typing angle: 7į
Front height: 21 mm
Material: Full CNC 6063 aluminum
Dimension: 325*142*39mm
Structure: Gasket+PCB
Both PCB and plate adopt flex cut design
QMK/VIA Supported(wired)
Support PCB stabilizers
What can you customize for JRIS75?
11 Case Options:
White                                                                                               Milky-White
Pink                                                                                               Lilac
Silver                                                                                               Black
Orange&Black                                                                                   Grey&Black

Blue&Black                                                                                       Wind Red&Black

7 Weight Options:
Anodized Alu Weight:Black/Silver/Gold
PVD Mirror Stainless steel Weight: Black/Silver/Gold/Chroma
4 PCBs Options:
Multi layout Black core Hotswap PCB support, supports QMK/VIAISO/6.25 spacebar/ 7u spacebar/ split backspace/split left shift/stepped caps lock
Multi layout Black core Solder PCB support, supports QMK/VIAISO/6.25 spacebar/ 7u spacebar/ split backspace/split left shift/stepped caps lock
ANSI layout Black core Hotswap PCB with RGB Per Key, supports QMK/VIAstepped caps lock, split backspace
About PCBs support the latest VIA3.0,
which adjusts the Voice volume and turns the page by Rotary Knob, changes the light of the LED Light Sign, and so on.
Please check more features at this link:
ANSI layout 5.2 Bluetooth Hotswap PCB support, support LDB Softwarestepped caps lock

4 Plate Options: FR4/PC/ALU/POM
What is Included in JRIS75?
1x Full CNC Aluminum Case1x Brass internal weight2 x Weights: Anodized Alu Weight/ Stainless steel PVD Weight1 x PCB Hotswap/ Soldered/ Bluetooth1x Plate (PC/ FR4/ Alu/POM)1x Poron Case Foam1x Poron Plate Foam1x IXPE Foam26x Gasket Silicone column1xType-C Daughterboard1x JST Cable1 Set of Footpad
Available Optional Extras:

Brass PVD Rotary Knob: Snowflake/ Four-leaf Clover/ Flower/Blank
Brass PVD Badge: Iris/ Leaf / Butterfly/Blank
Brass PVD LED Light Sign
PCB Kit (Hotswap/ Hotswap with RGB/ Soldered/ Bluetooth)
Plate (PC/ FR4/ Alu/POM)
Gift(will not send make-up or replacements)
1x Customized Carrying Case1x Customized Type-C Cable1x Silicone pad of battery compartment (Only for the wired version )2 x 2200mha Battery(Only for the Bluetooth version)1 X Artisan keycaps1x Screwdriver1 x 2 in 1 Switch puller and Keycap puller
Price : From 155USD~We will announce the details price soon.
Content Reviewer List
Most content reviewers have received the prototype, and you can follow their channel and check the review video of the JRIS75 once it launches.
Keybored--White with PVD Glod + Wrist Rest--TBD

Switch and Click--Milky-White with PVD Chroma + Wrist Rest--TBD
:3ildcat--Pink with PVD Chroma + Wrist Rest--TBD
alexotos--Purple&Black with PVD Silver--TBD
nearLucid--Silver with PVD Chroma--TBD
Yo_keebs--Lilac with PVD Chroma--Build + Review
whnkeys- Custom Tastaturen--Silver with PVD Chroma--TBD
bored bear--Pink with PVD Silver--TBD Red&Black with PVD Gold--TBD
prototypist--Purple&Black with PVD Chroma--Build
Mecha Store--Lilac with PVD Chroma--TBD
If you'd be interested in collaborating with the JRIS75 keyboards or other items, please get in touch with us at any time.
If you are interested in JRIS75, please fill in JRIS75 IC form.
We love to hear your opions.

Solid Aluminum Wrist Rest
We are bring our first solid aluminum wrist Rest (Weight: 0.85kg) by IRISLAB,
which is perfect for the JRIS65 AND Jris75 and other 65/75 keyboards.
Check the photos:
Price: under $50
If you are interested in this wrist Rest, please fill in the Wrist Rest IC form.
Mykeyclub is a platform that integrates creativity and innovative design,
helping more studios join this hobby community and bringing more fun and cool products to you guys.
For more discussions and future updates, please join Mykeyclub discord.
Best Wishes

Mykeyclub Team
Official Ins:

Not for me because you've dropped hotswap ISO, despite the fact on the Jris65 you had it so evidently can do it and already have the engineering done for the PCB.

Hotswap ISO is available on the QK75 which you're directly competing with, so maybe reconsider? It's fine if I need a different PCB but please don't treat ISO like second class.

Well done guys , board looks great, fantastic price and most importantly great layout. I prefer this layout to the exploded one so this design is working for me. When would be your earliest convenience to be take my money?

Here are some of my thoughts and opinions on the aesthetics that Iíd like to pass along for consideration. Iíll be following the progress on this design closely.

Layout:  Excellent choice! This layout for a 75% is very pleasing to the eye because itís highly symmetric and has clean lines.

Visible weight accent:  The thicker hexagon in the middle isnít consistent with the clean lines of the top layout and the bottom weight. A simpler rectangle with a single thickness like what was done on the JRIS65 would be more cohesive and elegant.

Weight fonts:  My sense from the JRIS65 IC and from some comments here is that changing the script font on the bottom would appeal to a wider audience. The other issue is the font pictured on the internal weight is mismatched with that used on the bottom. Iíd remove the bottom font altogether (leave it blank) or replace it with the font/logo used on the internal weight render.

Knob: Please offer a blank knob or provide exact dimensions so we can buy a third party blank knob.

Thanks for reading!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for NOT following every other 75% that has come out recently with an exploded layout. Looking forward to it.


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