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Another thread about dyeing plastics
« on: Wed, 25 April 2012, 10:44:30 »
I know that this dead horse has been beaten into the ground, but I am still perplexed and convinced that there has to be a way ......

PBT keycaps, such as those found on the Model M, can be dyed beautifully, as I finally proved. RIT dye powder, temperatures just under boiling, and waiting at least 10-20 minutes are required. RIT powder is getting harder and harder to find, and the liquid simply did not work, not at all, for me, anyway.

Now what I really want to do is to dye ABS keys, and, ultimately, an ABS case.

I know, I know, the case is a real challenge, but I know that I can make a tray out of heavy aluminum foil, and regulate the temperature in the oven pretty well with a cooking thermometer.

So the basic question is: if a person is careful enough, is it possible to dye ABS without damage, or is the required dye temperature simply higher than the plastic deform temperature?

The second choice would be a spray can dye, but I would rather do a soak if there is ANY way.
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