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Kayvee/Ducky Nordic - novelty items - pics thread

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Ducky nordic:

Im Kayvee. Im a keyboard enthusiast :)

Im also an uberactive Ducky partner and promoter for northern europe. Thus the name Ducky Nordic.
We have bunch of cool keyboards and lots of different projects going on around them but since they are mostly in ISO layout i wont post much info about them here.

Instead ill post some pics of our limited edition goods which vary from just few to couple hundred units worldwide. The novelty item/universal mechanical keyboard items.
U might have noticed some metal caps i have made, so ill post some pics of them here. It takes a pretty long time to create them so new stuff will not come that often.
Im also soon ready to produce some Fullsize/TKL/60% wrist rests. You might notice some prototypes from my pics.

Thanks to i3oilermaker for letting me showcase some pics in his subforum  :)

Ancient  &  twin sixshooters  (PrtScr / ScrLck / Pause -cluster)

Ancient  &  Butcher  &  Exo

dark Exo, dark Ancient, dark Butcher, hardboiled Butcher...

Clear acrylic dual layer wrist rest. U-shape so its hard but gives in just a tad of flexibility

Ducky nordic:
MOAR pics :)

Ducky nordic:
Added on 23rd of june;

Glad to see you on GeekHack as well now!

I'm sure I'm not the only one on GeekHack buying ISO layout keyboards.   ;D 

If you've got ISO-specific stuff, please post it here, it's be great to see what might be available for my collection of G80-1800s and variants.


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