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Looking for a Quickfire TK but can't find one

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Hi I'm looking for a mechanical keyboard for a while now and I found the one I want to be my first.

I want a CM Storm Quickfire TK White with Green Switches.  Greens are very rare so  Blues are ok too. If this baby keeps being unbuyable I'm ok with a CM Storm Quickfire TK Stealth with Blues and if thats not possible too I'll go with a CM Storm Quickfire XT Stealth with Blues.

The problem is that I can't find the white edition with Blues and US layout anywhere. I would pay more than usual just to get one but no one seems to sell one.

Does anyone know a shop? It doesn't matter where in the world he is and if it's online or local. I will find him and buy that keyboard!

I've found only one shop that lists what I want but its out of stock. Newegg

Why do you want the TK so much?

It has non standard sizes key caps and depending on model and firmware had some issues.

I love the layout with the combined numpad. No other keyboard has this.

My absolutely last chance would be to by a regular Quickfire TK and than paint it white and get the blank caps from somewhere else. But just finding a shop with the white one would be much simpler.

You could always get a red scarf III.
They aren't the most expensive things in the world.

The layout is a bit weird. Not really my thing and I miss the multimedia keys.

I think I will try the following:

* get a quickfire tk white with greens or blues + blank keyset
* get a quickfire tk stealth with greens or blues + paint it white
* get a normal quickfire tk with blues + blank keyset + paint it white
Hopefully I get one without the paint job. That will be hard to do because of the rubberized finish. I have no idea how to make that again in white.

So, I searched the whole internet yesterday. Even stores in countries I didn't no before. Nothing. Do you guys have any idea where I could look?


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