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Hello friends.

This is the general feedback thread. Post any issues, complaints, positive or negative feedback here!

I'll be around most of the time to reply quickly :D

Positive feedback? Yeah, why not.

With you guys I experienced something that I never experienced before.
I sent a question to you via the contact form on mechsupply, on a sunday around 12am and it was answered ON THE SAME DAY! This never happened to me with any online shop. Your support is really top notch.
If I ever need a new set of keycaps for any of my ISO boards your site will be the first I check.

Thank you for your awesome service


Not feedback but more of a question, are you going to consider SA profile keycap Group Buys in the future?

I'm looking forward to the next GMK group buy as all the sets on Massdrop donít have UK ISO specific keys!

I did order bumblebee Tai Hao caps from you a while back and I have no complaints :) and it's great to see someone in the UK take up this type of thing.


Been facing some issues getting answered regarding a missing key from their groupbuy for a few months, which is kinda frustrating.

Great communication and fast delivery for me, buying a GMK Miami Dusk.


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