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Bruce on 'the subliminal appeal of mechanical keyboards'


Our fearless leader Bruce recently starred in a video on 'the subliminal appeal of mechanical keyboards' that was produced by tech pub legends TechRadar. It's a nice look into the mind of the man behind The Keyboard Company, and its continuing focus on mechs.

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look -- we've linked it below. How many old school keyboards can you spot, and which is your favourite?

Really nice video, thanks for sharing.

Great video!

There's other things that might contribute to the subliminal appeal, such as the keycap material and overall keyboard sound.

The same switch can feel and sound completely different in two different keyboards, or even in the same keyboard with different keycaps.  Or the same keyboard on a different desk.  Or with a rubber mat underneath it.

One thing I like is swapping keycaps around to get a different feel (and sound and look) from the same keyboard.  Now I've acquired a couple of keyboards with hot-swap switches.

The rabbit hole is bottomless ...


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