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DSA Royal Navy Round 2

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Product Page Here - Will be available October 1st

DSA Royal Returns with improvements and all new kits! Below are the key facts for the second round of this classic design keyset!

-New keys have been added to improve compatibility! Modifier kit has a 1.25u 'FN' key added // Planck kit now has the two Esc keys as originally planned and also red arrow keys // The novelties kit has had a complete re-design! // All new colour kit has been added to further accent your board!

-Shipping is now separate for this item, making it easier to purchase individual kits if you already own a Royal Navy base kit from the last GB!

- Price is 71 for base and mods kits, this will cover an ISO or ANSI layout keyboard in 60% or TKL standard layout. Non-Standard, num-pad etc kits are available. No expensive ISO kit as the keys are included!

- French AZERTY kit now has the correct 3 symbol keys and a low MOQ of 20!

Is there an estimated price for Non-standard and Euro kits?

Non-Standard = 18.00

Euro = 30.00

Prices are higher than the last GB due to the devaluing of the pound post-brexit vote, which occurred mid-way through the last GB.

Got it. Thank you for the prompt reply.



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