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REMARK : If you have suggestions or questions, please kindly post into our subforum here. Thank you. Please give your experience with us in this thread. We are happy to hear your voices about our services so that we could improve in the future. Thank you.

Welcome to KPrepublic Feedback thread!

We are glad to get Vendor tag finally on Geekhack. That would be a new page for us.

We are happy to hear your voice.

Please do not hesitate to share your transaction experience with KPrepublic here. 

Please keep all posts on topic, and include factual information.

Hope you have a good day.

Best wish to all of you.  :)

I have bought some Gateron Brown switches from you through aliexpress. Was a trouble-free transaction.

I was interested in some of your aluminum cases, but having the logo in the top corner really turns me off from it. Personally I think they would look a lot better without the logo on the top. Maybe you could put it on the bottom? Just a suggestion of course.  ;D

Hak Foo:
I saw all those cool adapter sets for Tai-Hao keycap sets on your site.  Is there any chance of getting ALPS versions?

Is there any plan to update/revise the current EEPW84/XD84 PCB for USB-C version, or with improved underglow LEDs?


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