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A little something to celebrate the 2nd Deadpool movie [MX & Topre Style]



Good new everyone,

Today is the launch, in our country, of the second DP movie and we decided to make a little something to celebrate.

We are huge fans of this character, so we designed a little keycap for our keyboards in the studio.

Since we already created this keycap for ourselves, the appropriate thing to do is to give the chance for other fans to get one.

We created a listing in our shop that will be active only for a few days in order to collect your orders.
We will produce the keycap to order, thus, we will only make an amount of keycaps equal to your orders (max. 30 pieces).

This is a one-off celebration act, we will not produce this keycap again.

Feel free to visit our shop to learn more.




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