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Zilent crunch


I've been noticing this "crunch" when bottoming out Zilents - especially on modifier keys where I have to hold the switch down.
It's there on all the variations of Zilents that I've tried so far, but I don't have the same thing with MX Silent stems.
I'm assuming it's the little rubber bits on the stem giving way under load.

Now that I've picked up on the feeling it's hard to ignore - totally harshing my chill with Zilents.

Ease up on the Hulk Smash maybe?


I came here expecting to read about a new keyboard with the name "Zilent crunch". I am disappoint.

I've seen this in Aliaz switches as well.

In the new batch of Roselios/Sakurios, I noticed that the bottom-out is softer in some switches than others, but I can't replicate the crunch in those.


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