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A refreshing set that’s straight out of your childhood lunch box and afternoon snacks. A heartfelt homage to the soyamilk that we grew up with and remember fondly.
We drew inspiration from a vintage soyamilk drink box from an era long before our time, hoping to provide a throwback aesthetic that resonates with our childhood.

Because GMK Soyamilk is a food-themed keycap set, inspired by a drink that raised us, we want to use this opportunity and platform to pay back to our heritage, particularly to the elderly in the Asian American community that shaped us into who we are.

As a design team, we are pledging to donate a percentage of our profits towards the charity Heart of Dinner, which has a goal of “nourishing NYC’s East Asian elders with love and food every week”.
Proof of donation will be provided for posterity after the group buy.
If this is a cause that resonates with you, please consider supporting the project or donating towards the charity!

We are incredibly excited to finally announce that GMK Soyamilk will be going to group buy on October 1st, 2021! We will be working with CannonKeys as our lead vendor.

Soyamilk fans around the world rejoice! We have a few vendors for you, and we are so excited to work with all of them on this project!

United States: CannonKeys
Canada: Mech.Land
United Kingdom: Proto[Typist]
Oceania: Daily Clack
China: zFrontier
East Asia: Kibou
Korea: Swagkeys
South East Asia: Monokei


Basekit - 'the classic' - $131*

*Pricing based on prior GMK quote without R1 End and Pg Dn, subject to change

Novelties - 'hudson store' - $52

Latin Alphas - 'less sugar' - $50

Because of our shared Asian roots in this project, we feel strongly about having Cangjie sublegends in our basekit.

Accent Kit - 'extra straws' - $30

Extensions Kit - ‘snack pack’ - $33


U80a by Rama Works, render by Entity.

U80a by Rama Works

Harbour —港口 by Kibou, render by Chung


Here is the colour palette that we chose for the set. We decided to limit custom colours to only the blue and the beige, leaving the white and red as GMK stock colours.

We picked RAL 260 50 25 and 1015 respectively after colour matching to inspiration material.

Check out some colour comparisons with other sets that use blues and beiges:

We are excited to share the two of the artisan keycaps that we will have available for this set!

RAMA Works artisan keycap:

Monokei x Soyamilk artisan keycap:

RNCables x Soyamilk artisan cables:


Slice of Home Deskmat

Milk Carton Deskmat, designed by retainerbox

All of our international vendors have been confirmed!

Updated kitting released! You guys sure filled out a lot of IC forms, and we did our best to accommodate!

-Basekit now has better ISO support, F13, and full Alice and Arisu compatibility.
-ISO users get novelties too!
-Small keyboards don’t have to get left out, please give us feedback on our Extensions Kit if you really need it!
-Quite a few of you asked for Latin alphas, and we are pleased to unveil the Latin Alphas kit.
We still stand by our choice to leave Cangjie sublegends as the default alphas in our basekit, as it stays true to our chosen theme and our personal heritage.

Please be sure to fill out our NEW IC form so we can gather your feedback on our new kitting!

Big thanks to Entity. for whipping up some awesome renders!

Minor changes to kitting
-Changed 2.5u spacebar in the 40s kit to be an additional 2.0u spacebar

Colour update!
-We have chosen a new blue for the kit to more closely match the shade of blue that you can see in the old kit renders
-Blue is now RAL 260 50 25 instead of RAL 5023
-While working on our other renders, we noticed that the shades of our colours were not matching the vision we had from our original kits, so we have adjusted the blue to better fit our preferences
-Check out our new kit renders and let us know how you feel!

Collab reveals! We are thrilled to announce that we are going to have metal artisans available for group buy.
Check out our RAMA Works and Monokei artisan keycaps!
Additionally, we are very excited to be working with RNCables on a Soyamilk themed custom paracorded USB cable!

Minor kitting update: We removed the arrows from the numpad because we felt that they were extraneous and took away from the clean minimal aesthetic that we prefer.

We’ve been saying “Coming Soon TM” for the last few months, but this time we mean it!
Deskmats are finally here!
We are so excited to present our two designs: Slice of Home and Milk Carton.
Slice of Home was inspired by the memories evoked by the Tong Lau buildings of Hong Kong, a style of housing that combined residential and commercial spaces into a vibrant and tight knit community.
The Milk Carton mat was of course inspired by our favourite flavours and varieties of Soyamilk, and was designed by our good friend retainerbox! A massive thank you to them for their time and creative expertise.
Check out their other work at their Instagram page!

The announcement that you’ve all been waiting for! A confirmed group buy date!
GMK Soyamilk will be going to group buy on October 1, 2021. Mark it in your calendars!
We have been blown away at how much support we have gotten for this project, and we are so excited to see it come to fruition.

A big thank you to everyone who has filled out our IC form too! Thanks to your feedback, we have decided to run our Extensions Kit, aka the snack pack!

A condensed kit pricing breakdown is as follows:
Base Kit - $131
Novelties Kit - $52
Latin Alphas Kit - $50
Accent Kit - $30
Extensions Kit - $33

Soyamilk For Charity!
This update means a lot to us. From the start of the project, we wanted to find some way to give back to the community that raised and shaped us into who we are today.
We have decided that the way we want to show this is to donate a percentage of the profits we receive as designers to a charity that we believe strongly in: Heart of Dinner.
This organization aims to provide and deliver necessary pantry and food items to East Asian elders in the NYC area.
If this is a cause that resonates with you, please consider supporting the project or donating to the charity!

Sneaky Kitting Update:
We added in R1 End and Pg Dn for 1800 compatibility.
Updated kit pricing is subject to change, pending new quote.
The change is not expected to be major, as we are only adding two 1u keys.

-Gather feedback from NEW IC form
-Reach out to artisans for collabs

Please fill out our NEW IC form!
Do you make artisans and want to do a collab? Please give us a shout at
Join us on Discord!

IV Works

And a massive thank you to grundlemere for pioneering the Cangjie sublegends for the keyboard community!
As designers of Chinese heritage, we can't express enough gratitude and appreciation for bringing this part of our culture to the hobby.

You can support this project by adding the following BB code to your signature! Thanks!

--- Code: ---[url=][img width=248 height=120][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

looking amazing! cant wait!

Like it!


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Looks good! The colorscheme is quite calming. I wish gmk production times were better I have a keeb incoming that'd look good with this set!

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