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[IC] Boston Area Meetup - June 2021


As part of the New England Keyboard Group Discord server, I'm organizing a smaller meetup in the Boston area.

Google Forms RSVP Link - please fill this out if you're attending!
NEKB Discord server link - most of the planning is happening in here, feel free to join if you're curious or have suggestions!

Where: Amazing Things Arts Center in downtown Framingham, MA - parking available on site, 5 minutes from the commuter rail station.

When: June 27th, 2021 from noon to 3 PM

What: A 3 hour indoor meetup at a local arts center with space for up to 80 people, depending on how many keyboards people bring. While the event will be in the main event hall, there is still limited space, and it will be helpful to know how many people are showing up.

Fees: No fees - thanks to generous vendors and members of the community, all of the event costs are covered.

New England has been crushing it with the virus numbers over the past month, so while you don't need a mask, I'd recommend you wear one inside when surrounded by strangers.

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Post will be edited with links to other sites as I get them up.

Edit: late update with RSVP link.


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