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[IC]ePBT Simple Hangul - A simple colorway set - GB Live - waiting for GB page

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ePBT Simple Hangul

GB page

This is a colorway set that I came up with about 5 months ago, its uses Hangul as a visual accent.
Colors are P3, 2B, L9(CP depending on samples)
Please fill out IC Form

Board renders:



Titled40(Protos/IC coming soon)


Kit Renders(in construction due to changes):

Base kit: $90 USD
Accent kit: $30 USD
Alphas kits (each): $25 USD
40s Mods kit: $30 USD
40s Accent kit: $30 USD
Numpad: $20 USD
Spacebar: $15 USD
KBD67 Lite V3: $119 USD (will get a render soon will be L9 color and will have custom design on it)

Small tip: If you buy the base, 40s kits, spacebars, accent, and what ever alphas you want you can pretty much cover 2-4 boards, meaning you shouldn’t need to buy 3-4 base kits. All those kits come out to be 165+ 25A < 90B

A= alphas kits assuming you dont buy over 4 alpha kits
B= base kit in your case you said 3-4

So for you, you were either willing to pay 270 or 360 if you only buy base kits plus the cost of the alphas kits, which you can get all 4 alphas can still cover 4 boards and use all the different alphas if you go my route and save 5 dollars because it would at max getting all the alphas cost 265
Note this was based off of a comment later in the thread

When: Sept 1st

KBDFans (Worldwide)
DeskHero (CA)
Swagkeys (KR)
CandyKeys (EU)
Ilumkb (SEA)
Rocket Keyboard (USA) (Rocket Cables)
Customkbd (AUS) (Mexico)

MoreChanges Made:
- extra b added to all the alpha kits kinda pepega on my part
- was threaten by the 40s community so I made them an accent kits and took out 40s coverage from accent kit for normies
- made the space bar kit that much more goated by adding type K support 3u bars
- added the godforsaken F13 to base and accents

Possible upcoming changes:
- Taking 40s out of regular accent kit or atleast staggered
- Kinda close to confirming L9 the odds are in its favor and I do really like it
- thinking about doing two possible things for my EU/UK folks adding support to the Latin alphas since it would only make sense there orrrr... making a small kit I kinda wanted to limit this set to 10 kits after the whole KAM 80s too many kits scenario (I learned a lot of the community doesn't understand kitting and struggle with too many choices)
Old render (not that different but the changes are there)

More Accessories:

To be honest, I really want to do minimalist mats like polkadots and simple shapes, but... I fear that if I do what I want, certain fans will react in a certain way. Until the person I reached out to contacts me back or I just get tired of waiting this section will remain empty.

RocketCables MoreNote: Currently I am debating with going with CP or L9, so I have order samples, but until those get here I only have renders and GMK color ring. I will ask that you please fill out the IC to help me choose they both are really awesome so no real loss.
visual aids to help you see the difference



Currently I am leaning toward L9 which is why the IC is done in L9 but I already have all the renders ready incase.
Please fill out IC Form

Cultural Check, although this set isn’t based or inspired by Korean culture nor does it try to depict it in anyway possible. If there is anything offensive please let me know, I have already made sure to ask around, but we can all miss things.

Special thanks
Koha gave advice on Korean legends
Ulliam: hangul legends
40s community
Funderburker: Onyx
Geon: Birthed the Frog
TGR: Jane
Me: Tilted 40 IC coming soon once I get the protos
Friend who helped me get these renders done when my Computer died RIP
And you

To speak on norde coverage, currently i am limiting this set to 10 kits
- the US vendor will be some what new ( they have sold a product before and have fulfilled GBs, but I rather make it easier than harder)

- I know norde would be possible but the only real important coverage for this set is hangul given its in the name and from my research on localization they dont really have iso other than what is covered.

- ISO doesnt really fit hangul and would be messy and before i hear but you have latin alphas, yes i did include because i knew if i didnt people would complain, kind of picking the the lesser of two evils

- Lastly i give physical coverage

Now if enough EU/ISO lovers come out and request i will take the time and try to make a kit and do the proper research, but until the other thing i have thought of is add the most requested type of ISO to latin alphas (and french ISO has a very very very very far lead relative) so given this. Its now on you

Thank you for your time

Wheel spinning enthusiast back at it again.

Dont like the fact that you need to buy two kits to get red alert look


IM a sucker for red sets and this is way too clean to pass up. Cleaner than GMK red alert ngl


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