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Paracord or other long keyboard cables

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I'm looking for a longer (Length >= 1.7m) USB cable (A to Mini-B) for my Corsair K65.

I have watched videos on YT of keyboard reviews noticed some are using two cables joined by a large metal connector. Of the two, the cable connected to the keyboard is a spring coiled cable. Some sellers sell both cables (paracord) at a (for me) high price, ~70$. My question is, what is the advantage of such cables (paracord or not paracord, if both exist) and are there cheaper options for a long cable of decent quality?

You can easily find 2 meter cables of the type you want. The paracord cables you've seen offer no advantage other than looks and that fat connector allows detachment.

You can find a lot of cable creators that will do the cable you want for less than $70, no advantage just pur looks.

It's pure looks, there's almost no sense in detaching a cable that's detachable at both ends already.
All you're doing is creating another point of failure and more stress on the cable due to weight and drag. It also has the potential to scratch your desk depending on what it's made of and how much you move things around.

I'd rather use a magnetic cable to de-stress the ports and cables, not increase the chance of problems. Like many others here I use Netdot (gen 10) magnetic cables, they look pretty good out of the box but you could dress them up if you wanted

I like Netdot cables. However I will need an adapter for the mini USB (mini-B) on the K65, I couldn't find a native Netdot cable with a Mini-B connector.


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