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What Pointing Device Are You Using Now?

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There's a similar thread for keyboards, so why not about pointing devices as well?

I'll start:

* CH Products DT225 (USB) and Kensington SlimBlade trackballs at one setup (slimblade for scrolling and fast movements, DT225 for accuracy and wonderful Japanese omrons)
* bare Logitech G9x at the other one

A mix between a logitech wireless mouse, the cherry trackball, and a tt saphire for  gaming

Computer-Lab in Basement:
IBM Track Point L40, in trackball mode of course...

I also use a Kensington Expert Mouse from time to time, and a simple Microsoft Compact Optical mouse for gaming.

Kensington Slimblade on the left(currently moved out of range to make room for my Orbweaver) and a Logitech G602 on a Mionix Ensis 320 pad on my right.

Will probably keep using the G602 until the battery runs out, I should have two more rechargeable ones somewhere, but I can't find them, so until they show up or I can be bothered buying new ones the G602 will stay dead.

Still pondering what to swap to.

Logitech M570.


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