Author Topic: [WTB] Tada68 / Saber68 or "Complete" 68-key / 65% keyboard with Tactile Switches  (Read 2257 times)

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Hey guys,

Edit: basically just looking for a Tada68 / Saber68.

Didn't realise it was programmable (the Akko 3068 isn't) so I can just swap the keys to where I want them ;D

I'm in Melbourne, Australia so you'd need to be prepared to ship (which I'll pay for) but preference to buying within Aus purely for cheaper shipping.

Please let me know what you've got and a price - thanks :)

Original post:

I'm after a "complete" 68-key / 65% keyboard.

- Non-clicky tactile switches, i.e. MX Brown or equivalent from another brand
- Will also consider clicky tactile switches i.e. MX Blue or equivalent from another brand
- Compact case (i.e. not like this:;topic=97035.0;attach=202061;image)
- Keycaps included (but not absolutely necessary, I'll consider buying keycaps separately)
- Under $100 USD (more than that I'll just buy the Akko 3068 and put up with the placement of the Del)
- Does not need Bluetooth or USB-C or anything fancy
- Don't really care either way if it's backlit or not
- Layout like the Akko 3068:
i.e. No wasted space anywhere between keys, and bottom row with 3x 1.25 on the left, then 3x 1 on the right, then the arrows.
Except I'd much the Del key top-right corner next to BkSp (Akko put ~ there instead :()
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You can get one with Gateron Browns from KBDfans for $99

If you want really good tactile switches select T1s or Zelios, but you will pay a lot more :-)

Also, Originative is still selling the Saber68 new, but I imagine the shipping to Australia knocking the price out.