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LAPBOARD60 [IC] - Acrilyc Lapboard for your couch
« on: Tue, 21 December 2021, 20:09:01 »
Lapboard60 - [IC]

Hey there everyone! I'm depressedkeebs, acrilyc designer who previously ran the "Alicia" kit on, now running the Lapboard60 on my own webpage! The Lapboard60 is a universal case for your 60% to use on the couch or bed, wired or wireless via bluetooth with support for a mousepad.


Universal 60% stackek Acrilyc case
6 layers of acrilyc
1 Plate of Carbon Fiber on 1.5 mm thickness
it comes with 7 standoffs and 14 screws for the keyboard and plate
It also includes 5 big screws and nuts for the main structure
It supports mousepas 22 cm x 18 cm (8.6 inch x 7.4 inch)


Translucent Black

Translucent Red
Translucent Blue




The group buy starts on December 31

Ends on January 30

Price: 150$ USD

Protos are almost done and pictures will be posted on @depressedkeebs on instagram

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Re: LAPBOARD60 [IC] - Acrilyc Lapboard for your couch
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