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Welcome to the GB post for ePBT 6085.
Discord for updates:

GB Dates: April 15 - May 16


NA: Keyspresso
UK: Proto[Typist]
EU: MyKeyboard
AU: Daily Clack
Rest of World: KBDfans
KBDfansKeyspressoMyKeyboardProtoTypistDaily ClackBase79.00 USD79.00 USD79.00 EUR68.00 GBP114.00 AUDNumpad18.00 USD18.00 USD18.00 EUR15.00 GBP26.00 AUDNorDeUK19.00 USD19.00 USD19.00 EUR16.00 GBP27.00 AUD40s25.00 USD25.00 USD25.00 EUR21.00 GBP36.00 AUDSpacebar10.00 USD10.00 USD10.00 EUR8.00 GBP14.00 AUDHiragana20.00 USD20.00 USD20.00 EUR17.00 GBP29.00 AUDCyrillic20.00 USD20.00 USD20.00 EUR17.00 GBP29.00 AUDNovelties19.00 USD19.00 USD19.00 EUR16.00 GBP27.00 AUDRama45.00 USD40.00 USD38.00 EUR39.00 GBP55.20 AUDDeskmat20.00 USD20.00 USD20.00 EUR19.00 GBP27.00 AUDD60Light119.00 USD119.00 USD119.00 EUR105.00 GBP170.50 AUDD60Light + Keycaps*158.00 USD158.00 USD158.00 EUR140.00 GBP224.70 AUD*The D60Light keycap kit is a 60% only kit that can only be purchased with a D60Light.


ePBT Template Design:Consider this image to be WYSIWYG for the legends as it is straight from the file ePBT will use for production.


Calliope by Yoot

i69 by Illuminati Keyboards / Ion Keyboards

Iron180 by Smith + Rune

TMOv2 by Funderburker

Prime_E by PrimeKB

HAUS by Hand Engineering

*Sample alpha and mod keys from my Xerox board have been sent to KBDfans for color matching

ePBT Color Sample Photo:
Sample Photo:More
Rama Works:
The cherry on top to round off the 6085 aesthetic.


These will be limited to 15-20 cables, available from ZeusWorks directly.

D60Lite - 6085 Edition:
Wei from KBDfans surprised me by offering to run a special 6085 themed D60Lite keyboard kit alongside the keyset.
The inspiration stems from my old, discolored Xerox JD-2.

Pricing information for all vendors will be added as it becomes available.

Wei provided me with renders to give people an idea of what's to come:

*Photos of the physical sample will be provided as soon as they are available.

A special bare-bones kit will also be offered to pair with the D60Lite:

Marco - thank you for the amazing renders and for putting up with my constant changes and last minute asks. You're the real MVP! Marco's socials: Instagram | Twitter

For additional information and context, please see the IC post here

Reserved for updates

Great style, amazing kitting. I really appreciate 2x3u spacebars in the spacebar kit.

A day 1 cop for me of most kits.

IN  :thumb:

RA Can:
beautiful. I'm in


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