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7 Conesecutive keys on my mechanical keyboard I just built are not working....

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I am using a set of Gateron Reds, here for more: ( . How would I fit the switch pins into their respective holes AND a wire soldered to them?

Looks like you aren't using the split space bar so here's a random idea.  Is your wire thin and bendy enough to solder to a long bit along both switch pins and bend it at right angles at the end, then poke the wires through the holes and out the end of the pro micro pulling the wires as the switch moves into position?  If so you could roll up a bit of paper to insulate the holes (just in case it touches) and connect the wires to the pads for the right split space bar.

I can't think of any way to make the thin wire idea work without damaging the switch housing around the pins and that would mean the leaf could move and the switch will probably have problems.

I am using a split space bar so this will not work. I think that I'm just gonna call it here because it feels awesome to type on, I have all the necessities working, and ive put way too many hours into. Thank you so much for your help because I could not have fixed this without it. If you have any other keyboard kit/ PCB reccomendations that are beginner friendly I would love to hear them because I am not stopping with this keyboard  :thumb:

If your wire is thin you could still fix it you just need a diode, which costs next to nothing but you would have to wait for the postman to bring you 100.  Unless you're in the UK in which case I could just stick a couple in the post...

My time in the hobby is now spent fixing other people's boards, I've not bought or soldered one of my own for years :(

Not really sure what you mean if the wire is thin? And I have extra diodes so I could do it but I dont understand where I would put the diode, as I already have one soldered pcb for that key.


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