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How do silenced Topres work?


I'm new to the community. I recently bought my first Topre board (Realforce R2 PFU Limited), which is silenced (I also tried the regular, non-silenced R2 with variable weighting).

I'm curious about how the silencing mechanism works - what is physically different about the switches that results in the silencing?

Any links / thoughts would be appreciated.

One link I saw:

There's a ring of soft material added to the slider so that on the upstroke this softer material makes contact instead of a hard plastic-to-plastic impact. In this illustration this softer material is shown in green.

Quietly. :)

While the silencing rings make it nicer to type on its not really what I would call silenced. Not close to anything like what you would get with mx slient blacks.

I have both silent Topre and silent MX black keyboards, and they're pretty similar, although the MX black is probably a little quieter.  Neither one is exactly silent, but for mechanical keyboards, they're both pretty quiet.


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