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M0110 / M0110A vs M0116. A choice in between Apple nostalgia

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I've been on a retro computing high lately and thinking I would like to get a nostalgic 80s Apple keyboard on my modern machine. Its been done.. However these seem to be getting pretty pricey these days and being where I am, there is no real way that I can try them before buying. I've never used them or seen them in person. I'm restricted to ebay purchases and paying a quite a bit for shipping as well. I know the granddaddy is the AEK (M0115), but my preference is for the old M0110 / M0110A from the original Mac and the M0116 that was on the Mac SE. I love Thomas' (Chyrosan22) videos on youtube and he goes into depth on them. But apart from that, I can't get an idea or decide which one would be more better for daily use with a modern mac.
I'd like to communicate with those who have attempted to daily these two and see which one they prefer.

I haven't used a mechanical keyboard for a while. I'm currently using the Bastron Glass keyboard and I really like it. Its got IronMan vibes, but that is about it.

One of the reasons that I started liking computers was watching "The Absent Minded professor (1988 version)" as a kid which had a Mac SE known as Albert as a character. That computer had the M0116 for part one and the AEK (M0115) for part 2.
So having the M0116 would be sort of movie nostalgia for me and should be a great daily, however I am also intrigued by idea of using a M0110.

I'd take the M0116 anytime, it has a control key instead of the usual locking caps (handy for doing tap hold layers in qmk), a less strange arrow key layout, really good tactile switches instead of the kind of chunky and heavy ones in the M0110A, and it sounds nicer while being overall pretty quiet for an ALPS board. The M0110A definitely has charm as a pingy and heavier feeling vintage board though.

Would suggest the M0116 instead of the M0110. Ive got one of both, and well the M0110 is in worse condition, it has some other large annoyances. First the typing angle is very steep and I think too much, as well as the layout is being less flexible. Also think they look better but that's very subjective. Finally on convertors the M0110/a can only be used on that board but ADB on the newer boards is a bit more widely used, so better value for time or money. Either way you will have to be patient in your search for a good model and hence luck might end up making your decision for you. 

While the AEK/AEKII is going to be most practical and easy to find, the M0116 looks to be the better option of the earlier boards.

The M0116 has ADB, and a fairly standard layout. The M0110 is much more proprietary both in layout and in the connection.

thank you for the reply guys.. The M0116 is certainly going to be the most logical choice of the two. That is the one that I am certainly leaning towards. Looking on ebay, the prices of both are still above the $100 mark and the shipping about $50 - $60.


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