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Mekanisk 5th Anniversiary

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Hello Geekhack.

This is the 5th year that LeandreN / Mekanisk are running group buys, and Mekanisk has grown into a something much larger than 5 years ago. If you want to read more about where this adventure started, you can read more here.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a Fjell, Klippe T, Klippe S, Type X, a keyboard part, a sticker, or just being with me as support.

Thanks to every maker that I have taken inspiration from, and that has taken inspiration from me. It means a lot.

Thanks to our fantastic content creators, and a special thanks to Mechs on Deck, TaehaTypes and TopClack. Check them out!

Thank you for all your support during these years. Without the support of this community it would not be possible to develop and deliver these products at all.

With community support, Mekanisk is committed to further develop our keyboards and continue to make them better each iteration. In addition, we want to create new designs and offer more form factors moving forward.

Here is to a better second half of 2020 for everyone, and a huge thanks to the entire community. I wish all of you the best of luck moving forward.


 - LeandreN / William J.


A few prominent community members and makers have graciously shared their testimonials.
Having gotten our start designing keyboards around the same time, the early and continued success of Mekanisk has always been a source of inspiration. LeandreN's committment to quality in both design and implementation sets a great example for others. Huge congratulations on five years of Mekanisk -- here's to the next five!
- Jorge & Zach, Keycult
I remember pestering LeandreN back in 2015 after his first aluminum 60% plate group buy for an extra, because I missed out on the buy. He was incredibly kind and accommodating. He sold me an extra for group buy pricing and it arrived not long after. The plate went on to be a part of my very first ever custom keyboard, and I've been hooked ever since! His customer service was so quick and friendly, I knew then that I would never hesitate to buy from him or his storefront, and I have gone on to own and enjoy basically all of Mekanisk's products, and greatly look forward to the upcoming Tind keyboard!
- Quakemz, Top Clack
The Fjell was one of my first nice customs and the first YouTube video I ever uploaded. It has over half a million view, need I say more?
- TaehaTypes

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Congrats my dude, to many more years!

Congrats on the 5 years! I said on Reddit so I'll say it here too!

Thanks guys!

Congrats on five years! Best of luck with all of your future endeavors and canít wait to see Tind tomorrow


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