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Running a Group Buy through PMK - Logistics?


I'm trying to get a better understanding of running a group buy through  a vendor, in this case PMK. My main concern is that I am in Germany, and someone on another forum said he ran in trouble handling the logistics of a GB on PMK because he is in Canada. However, I don't understand this: As far as I'm concerned, when running a GB through a vendor, they handle all the logistics, at least that's what I thought up until now?
Does anybody have information on this? PMK's website doesn't really say anything about that.
All help is greatly appreciated

I'm not sure why it would matter that you are in another country. You tell them what you want, you pay, they make it, they ship it to you. I thought it was pretty straightforward. I've only done GBs w/ blanks and I'm in the US, so maybe there is something I am missing.

I think it's no big deal no matter what country you're in. Perhaps if you and the distributor are in different countries, you need to pay a larger shipping fee. They will do the rest for you. rocket bot royale


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