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NIB Dell AT101 & AT101W on


2-bit Joe:

A lot of three Dell AT101 (and AT101W) keyboards, claimed to be NIB.  Some of these are probably Alps SKCM Black, according to Deskthority.

I like Alps, but I don't really need to buy any more new keyboards at the moment.

2-bit Joe:
The ending price for this auction was $153.01, or about $51 per keyboard.  If all three are Alps keyboards -- new in the box -- that's a pretty good deal.

Prices on shopgoodwill tend to be lower than what I see on Ebay.  Not always, but usually.  My last acquisition from shopgoodwill was a slightly damaged Northgate Omnikey/102 for $69.  One switch has a damaged slider, and a missing keycap.

if they're AT101s and not AT101Rs they should all be SKCM blacks.

skcm blacks, especially the bamboo blacks that come in these boards, are near worthless, but it's a very close second place to me as far as alps goes, right behind orange alps.


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