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[WTS] GMK HyperFuse DCS and GMK Dolch DCS Sets


Hello everyone,
I'm looking to sell 2 almost full sets of HyperFuse DCS Profile Keycaps (the only thing I could not find is the 1.75x sized Shift key for the second set) and one GMK Dolch DCS Profile Keycaps.
I'm asking for $250USD + shipping for the HyperFuse x2 and $200USD + shipping for one full complete set of GMK Dolch



Please let me know if you have any questions at all.
You can also get all of it for $425USD + shipping including the extra space bars (pink)
If you want all 4 Sets (2xHyperFuse and 2xDolch), I will let go of everything for $ 500 USD + shipping.

Thanks for looking!

Late approval bump :-[

btw these all look to be GMK, which would be Cherry/GMK profile (GMK's caps recently renamed to CYL profile), not DCS (an SP profile)


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