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I wanted to post a quick update on where we are with the business transition. We received numerous inquiries from both individuals and companies interested in either purchasing our business as a turn-key operation, or simply purchasing the tooling and other assets to incorporate into an existing business. The due diligence process is continuing with several interested parties and hopefully we will be able to finalize a transaction sometime over the next couple months.
I also wanted to reassure the community that we are still in full production mode and have no intention of closing the doors any time soon. It may take the remainder of the year to finalize a sale and both Melissa and I are both prepared for that. We have ample production capacity, meaning shorter lead times, and are more than willing to work directly with designers to produce and sell new keysets, or reruns of old keysets, directly through our on-line store, We currently have over 250 different ABS colors in stock (excess material from keysets run over the last 8 years) and will offer discounts if new or rerun designs incorporate those colors. And we will continue to send royalty payments to designers for keysets sold through our store. If you have a design that you are interested in releasing, contact Melissa at

I wanted to let the community know that we are making good progress with a group, spearheaded by an active community member, to purchase Signature Plastics LLC. This new management team is full of exciting new ideas and creative approaches they plan to share with the community.
As I mentioned in the previous posts, the primary reason for the sale is to allow me to step away from the day-to-day activities of the business and enjoy retirement. Melissa will remain with SP for the foreseeable future to help carry on the legacy we have built.  She is hearing a lot of concern from customers regarding the stability of the business, understandably, but we want to assure everyone that our business remains very strong and financially sound. Lead times are currently running 6 to 8 weeks (depending on material availability). We would love to make your keyset ideas a reality. We will continue to post updates as the sale progresses.

That's wonderful news, thank you for the update!

Just make some WoB sets, I couldn’t buy a black 7u spacebar because they are sold out for months.

7u black bars are available in the spacebar kit right now

Though the black alphas and base keep selling out. I've seen those restocked at least once in the past few weeks.


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