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Vintage Cherry Spherical Profile

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Hey everyone - I just wanted to gauge interest in the vintage Cherry Spherical Profile (similar to DSA). I know part of our limitations at this time are that we don't have all of the molds necessary to cover many larger boards, so I'm specifically interested in 40's folks/smaller formats/splits/etc. I'll try to get a full list of the caps we do have available, but in the meantime if this is of interest to you please just let me know here so I can properly start to gauge interest and see if this is something we should start looking into.

Thanks  :thumb:

After attending Keycon and the Columbus meetup I was asked at both about the vintage Cherry Spherical Profile - so I mentioned I would start a thread for folks to share their interest/feedback on it....and here it is!


If you have a set you are using already, feel free to post pics as well for others to see.

Count me IN

I'd be interested in this, although with decent layout coverage. Regular ANSI WKL at the very least. What other old molds are you guys hiding BTW?
Oh here is a pic (not mine) of the caps in question for people to see!

if they are uniform like dsa then I probably wouldn't get them cause I really like a curve with keycaps and not having it is a big turn off for me, but if others like that then I'm fine with having a new profile type for those people, everyone should be catered to somewhat.

The Pig:
Love that profile but haven't been able to use them as the original sources didn't have standard modifiers. Would be interested in sets of classic colours.  :cool:
LED windows are a must  :p


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