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I have been doing a lot of keycaps switching lately, and I found that my preference is to use the Filco keycap puller to pull a few caps off of each row first, and then use the Realforce keycap puller to pull the rest of the caps out.  This seems to be the fastest, most efficient way to get all the keycaps off.

The Realforce keycap puller is not as thin as the Filco one, so it is harder to start.  But after using the Filco one to get a few out, the Realforce keycap puller is very easy to position into grabbing a key and pull it off.

Yes, the Realforce puller can scratch your caps, if it is too tight and not enough room to slide it into the cracks (ooh, erotic!).  That's why I use the Filco one to pull a few out first, then there is more room and it is much easier and faster to pull the caps out.

Yes, I love the Cherry double shots much more than SP's.  I am in love with the real Dolch keycaps in particular.  They are so thick!

I think the Filco-style puller (wire-based) works swimmingly well.  Using a second hand to spread/position the wires, it's a flying-quick process, barely ever touching anything but the bottom.  (or sides lightly on the way down)  Takes only a couple minutes to strip a board with it.  On the contrary, my tweezer style or worse... plastic style... not only scratch, but are no faster. But to each his own. :)

I've found this to be very fast:

I've pulled the keys off 30 keyboards with this and never had damage. It's fast because you don't have to carefully grab the key - just slide to the next key and pop it off. I was popping keys off so fast, it was like watching popcorn fly.

I wonder if it was your post about using that that I saw. This is too recent a post to have been that one though.

I use one too.


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