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This is a project I've been working on recently, SA SMRT. SMRT is a tribute to Wyse terminal keyboards of the 1990s, using the same classic navy-on-grey color scheme, but transposed to SA profile. I've seen Wyse redone in DCS and Cherry, but never as a tall, chonky sculpt.

Besides modern kitting, SMRT sports optional bright navy and yellow accents, including a "Yellow Alert" monolegend top row, and WASD gamer keys.

Here's some renders of how it's shaping up so far:

ANSI 1800 layout on TKC 1800, with accent keys

MoreISO HHKB layout on Rama M60-A

Modified 40's layout on DeDeDecline Serendipity, with accent keys

ISO 75% layout on a TKC Portico75, with Yellow Alert accents

I do wish the Keyboard Render Kit contained some ortho models so I could show those keys...

Still working on kitting, but it'll likely be similar to SP's SA Standard Black and White sets, with an additional accent kit or two. No novelties per se, but I'm drawing upon elements from a variety of classic Wyse keyboards for legends, and trying to identify fun ones that already exist as SA molds.

I thought SA SMRT should have the option for brighter colors, even if the old Wyse terminals were mostly grey. So I cooked up an alternate alphas set, called Thin Client, featuring navy keys and ASCII sublegends. So now you can pick between grey and navy alphas, and mix either of those with the Yellow Alert accent row, to be as colorful or grey as you prefer.

Yeah, this project has a logo now, reminiscent of Wyse's.


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