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Hey everyone as we continue to make upgrades to the community group buy system we wanted a single place to update you on the improvements. For those of you that missed it last week we upgraded the site to add additional state options for countries outside of the US.

In addition this morning we pushed an update, based on suggestions from Matteo, to the design that should allow for a smoother checkout process. We have replaced the countdown ticker and share icons with a purchase button. You can now add MODs directly from the base set, instead of going to each individual modifier.

We will continue to work as quickly as possible to improve the GB experience. If you have suggestion for how we can improve the site or experience, please post them here:

Thanks again for the support!

Nice :thumb:


I have noticed that the speech bubble thingies in the top left corner of the images sometimes obscure information.

Like in the picture above, what is under the speech bubble overlay in the top left corner of the first image?

Sometimes in a detailed image the speech bubble overlay obscures the keycaps in the top left corner, sometimes the Esc key, which might be different to the other keycaps in the image.

peachy! thanks Excessive!


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