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BSP PBT keyset with dyesub printed 103 pcs keycaps Group buy

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Since the weather is too hot, the keys are delayed to the end of this month
It's a new Group buy for the keycaps that printed by imsto
These keycaps are from BSP German.
1.5X Ctrl and Alt
E- E-D-C-B-A height
Two kinds of printing: DESKO & Russian
Sideprinted also dyesub.
102keys, no space bar. (if orders over the world more than 250set,  will  offer gmk 7x space bar for free.)
All fonts are new designed and trying to make it to be in perfect condition.
Price will be raised after the GB.

Price: 135$ not including the shipping cost.
basic price 135$
orders----> 100    -5$

orders----> 200    -10$

orders----> 300    -15$

Deadline: 20 May

Also provice the BSP RGB set for 26$.

Shipping method: USPS(or the same like Normal postoffice package with tracking number)
When to ship: arround 10-12 weeks(if no unforeseen issues)

order here:

Very interesting, but pretty pricey :(

I don't know whether an incomplete set is worth 150+ $ after shipping...

zhurenhao  :cool:

It would be great if that price were for including additional 1.25x mods and 6.25x spacebar tho :(

I'd be in if it included 6.25 spacebar and 1.25 mods.


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