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[WTS] Black Leopold PBT Cherry MX keycaps set

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 I take no responsibility for the damage that may or may not occur during shipping; I will do my utmost best to ensure that the keyboards (if sold) have a safe and comfortable travel. I do not offer refunds as all my products are in perfect working condition and I would like to maintain a good reputation here on Geekhack.
(Disclaimer shamelessly taken from Skuko - with his permission -, who took it from Fragil1ty)

Here are some rules:

* The objects will be shipped from Switzerland to worldwide. However I think it is mostly directed to Europeans as it is not worth for Americans due to high shipping fees.
* Prices donít include Paypal fees (if used) and shipping fees.
* I'm not making any profits with the item I sell. I'm selling with loss.
* Payment through Paypal Goods are preferred but Iím open to suggestion.
* I reserve the right to refuse to sale an object to anyone.
* As all the items below are sold in a private sale, I do not accept returns.TO TRADE





Black Leopold PBT Cherry MX keycaps set, front engraved with white letter.

Compatible models: FC900R, FC750RT, FC700RT, FC660M, FC300R, FC500R, FC200RT.

I want to sell as much as possible the things I'm not using.

Price: 30Ä


Poker II w/ MX Blues and blue backlight

Poker II w/ MX Blues and blue backlight (hence ABS keycaps). ISO QWERTZ.

I bought it in October/November 2014 but it has been used lightly since the day of purchase (it never has been my daily driver for more than 2-3 weeks). It was supposed to be use in my professional environment but it is too lousy for my coworkers.

Price: 70Ä
Trade: Poker II (or another board) w/ MX Clear

Ducky Zero Shine

Ducky Zero Shine (DK2108S Zone, AZERTY, ISO) w/ MX Brown and blue backlight. It comes with the ducky key puller, the original box, the manual, the original grey ZQSD and the plastic dust cover.

Price: 90Ä

I want to sell my Ducky because Iím heading to the Topre world hence I need funds. I already own 2 boards and this is the limit Iíve set to myself wishing that I wonít end up stacking keyboards (foolish attempt you might say but Iíll keep trying). I bought it in June this year so it is 6 months old.

55g HHKB Type-S

MorePrice : 310Ä

It is sold with its original box and the stock cable. I don't have the manual anymore but it can be found online.

Purple Powder Puff Topre Fn key


I woud like to trade a Purple Powder Puff Topre Fn key. I'm open to suggestion, I don't seek anything particular. Just another artisan cap: Clack (even though I would be surprised someone'd want to trade one), Bro Caps, KWK and so on you get the idea.

Sold at cost ($15)

Proof of ownership:

White Winkeyless b.face PCB v1


Pristine Winkeyless b.face PCB. It comes with presoldered Main Controller Parts, RGB Controller, SMD RGB LEDs, Diodes, Resistors: Price tag : 60Ä 50Ä (open at negotiation)

Proof of ownership:

I have never used this PCB. I bought it one year ago waiting for a custom case to come. I just plugged it once to check that all switches holes were functional and they are! I just learned not so long ago that I cannot flash TMK firmware on it. It's a problem for me as I wanted to use SpaceFn on it hence I want to sell to fund another TMK compatible PCB.






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