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Clueboard 66% PCB - Pre-soldered Underlight Available!

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The Clueboard 66% PCB started as my project to create a custom PCB for the fc660m. It fits perfectly into both the fc660m case and the aluminum case from massdrop. However, it supports so much more than the fc660m. It is available now! Order here:

Here's an overview of all the layouts it currently supports:

The PCB is fully programmable with QMK and it is officially part of the main QMK branch:

New Feature: Underlighting!

Now you can make your keyboard glow with the fury of 14 suns. Simply solder on 14 WS2812B LED's and you can light up your desk.

Please feel free to ask any questions or provide any feedback you may have in this thread.

This looks like a very cool project. I'm looking forward to seeing how you plan to sell it.

Black PCB best PCB

What about plates?

I think I saw this on Instagram, I really would like at least one or two. Nice work


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