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New Soldering/Assembly Form link -

Open and taking submissions.

Note: All up-to-date links are in the first post. Previously posted updates may not have correct links, I'll probs work making those point to the first post.

Also, Budget96 extras are up now

My new storefront is officially up over at!

Currently Budget96 and ScrabblePad extras are up there, and I'll be working on getting OG Coils there as well.

Finished migrating most things to the new Shopify storefront, including:

 - Soldering services at
 - Budget96 extras
 - OG coil cables
 - and Scrabblepads

Still looking for feedback on the site change as well.

Updates from out of nowhere:

 - Budget96 Extras restocked -

 - Metal Cables are back being a thing  -

 - OG Coil Cables back in stock as well -



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