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DSA Seafoam

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DSA Seafoam keysets, created by the designer of Borealis, jmeferlater, are for sale in the PMK KeyShop.
Unfortunately the KeyShop photos are very washed out and do not accurately represent the true legend contrast as represented in the renders. These photos will be replaced as soon as possible.

THe third pic looks more accurate, right?   Do you have any shots of the green caps?  I might pick up this set. Nice and simple

You're right. The third picture is more representative of the contrast. Unfortunately our photographer is unavailable to take a picture of the mint kit until after the holidays.

Pictures of the main set have been updated.

Are those custom colors or did they end up using their in stock blues?   

I have their due subbed caps in all of the available blues.  Just wondering what the color codes are for reference


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