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NIZ New Full Series in 2022

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--- Quote from: nerdblog_io on Wed, 01 August 2018, 06:34:07 ---Jumping in to say I have owned 2 Plum Keyboards and enjoy them.

The issue I have is the stabilizers and not room for swapping out since of the unique switch shape.

that and the slits for the stabilizers is smaller than standard.

Please change if you can!

I did a review recently about plum keyboards as well where I outlined some issues.

--- End quote ---

Hi, where is the review. Would be interested to havea look...Thanks

Now plum/niz does not have 55g versions. Most are 35g and 45g . The old 55g TKL was 2-3 years ago... :))
They do have some extra springs of 10g with the keyboard..

Happy owner of an atom66 here -- LOVE the board but I have to agree with what others have said:  Would so much prefer it just to be a standard 60% layout, nothing fancy.  That's basically my dream board (for now...)

Hi, just to inform NIZ new 2019 82 keys version 35g keyboard is available for now.
It is similar to the old 84 key version, but coming with a 6.25u spacebar, not 5.5 u any more..

It is coming with some more improvements on the keycap, manufacturing,and keyboard functioning..
Curently we have :
1- 35g wired version ,
2- 35g Bluetooth 4.0 dual modes version;
PBT keycap, Type C cable, No backlighting, all key programmable.

Add the black verison of this 82 keyboard.

- PBT keycap, side and top print ( dark gray color );
- 35g, wired and BT 4.0 .


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