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Robot Candy Company: making artisan caps


The Robot Candy Company is now open for business!

Our first sculpt is the Crusader: a valiant knight who fights for justice!

Size comparison next to DSA and Cherry profile

Custom MX internals with our maker's mark around the stem

We also are working on blanks in various profiles, so stay tuned!

We've been hard at work developing some Topre spacebars. Check out some glamor shots below.

More photos in here:

If you could get a spacebar in any color(s)/effect, what would you want?

There seemed to be enough interest on Instagram to warrant setting up a shop to sell some of the things we've been making, so you can now pick up our caps at

We have some one-of-a-kind Topre Spacebars (one is even HiPro!), some Topre blanks, and MX Crusaders. As we experiment with colors and techniques, we'll be adding those items to the shop as well.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Spent some time making HHKB and FC660C mod set molds! Should start adding them to the store soon.

Ooh just checked out your site.  Didn't know you still had gold crusaders.  No longer need to live in regret for having not purchased one.


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