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[IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« on: Tue, 15 February 2022, 01:27:26 »


Welcome to Yunjing, Keebs Club at UCI’s first IC and desk mat project. We were inspired by Asian architectural scenery and moon gateway iconography, and it resulted in this negative space design. Keebs Club is a mechanical keyboard enthusiast club at UC Irvine recently formed this year. Deskmat is designed by noodabooda

IC Form
Keyspensory Discord
UCI Keebs Club Instagram

Renders + Colorways

Mat Renders

Blue - Periwinkle

Pink - Peony

Gold - Chrysanthemum

Purple - Lavender

900 x 400 x 4 mm
Same color stitched side edges
2-3 colorways will be chosen

Manufacturer & GB
Milkyway Keys Deskmat Manu
Estimated GB Date: Late Q1 to Early Q2 2022

Vendors & Pricing (US + Global) Pricing around $20-25 USD

To-Do List
⋆Prototypes on the way!
⋆Colorways are still open to feedback
⋆Negotiation of prices in progress

~~~~~~[UPDATE 4/17/2022]~~~~~~

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've announced this project, and we just wanted to update everyone on our progress. We have since received two batches of prototypes from two different manufacturers. We are fairly confident on which manu we are going with, but we have made some minor color changes that we are waiting for from our third (and hopefully final) batch of prototypes. These changes are primarily to the background and inner circle shade on all the mats in order to maintain the best quality relative to our renders. Unfortunately, with the public health situation in china right now, our protos are a bit held up on their way to us, but we are planning to get everything started shortly after receive them. We hope to get more information about the group buy timing, price etc. out to everyone soon. Here is an album of our better protos attached below. Again, please stay tuned as more details are to come soon :D


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Re: [IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« Reply #1 on: Tue, 15 February 2022, 01:30:32 »
Very excited to make this happen :))
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Re: [IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« Reply #2 on: Tue, 15 February 2022, 01:40:34 »
I'm pretty invested in the chrysanthemum, but I'm also pretty down for the light mode.

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Re: [IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« Reply #3 on: Tue, 15 February 2022, 01:55:35 »
This looks really cool. Looking forward to the updates.

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Re: [IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« Reply #4 on: Tue, 15 February 2022, 02:14:50 »
Filled out the form GLWIC!

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Re: [IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« Reply #5 on: Tue, 15 February 2022, 02:58:04 »
Form filled. Will keep an eye on this GB :thumb:

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Re: [IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« Reply #6 on: Sun, 27 February 2022, 19:00:38 »
I would love to see a black and white or greyscale version

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Re: [IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« Reply #7 on: Mon, 28 February 2022, 06:35:04 »
I would love to have the Pink - Peony for my JTK Night Sakura!
very nice and clean design!
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Re: [IC] Yunjing Deskmats
« Reply #8 on: Sun, 17 April 2022, 02:45:37 »
Hey guys, just dropped a small update at the bottom of the original post, please stay tuned for further updates :D