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[IC] Keebs Club @ UCI x Custom Keyboard Co. Club Switch
« on: Wed, 15 May 2024, 12:56:52 »

After the success of our Yunjing deskmats, Keebs Club @ UCI wanted to score another group buy, this time setting the goalpost high. Taking inspiration from the wordplay with “club” and club soccer, Keebs Club @ UCI is proud to announce our club switch, based on our logo of Peter the Anteater himself! Make sure to let us know if you get a kick out of this!

IC Form
Custom Keyboard Co. Discord Server
Keebs Club @ UCI Discord Server

Renders + Colorways

Linear Switch
top housing - polycarbonate
stem - POM long-pole
bottom housing - nylon
62g spring
no factory lube

Manufacturer & GB
IC open: May 15th to May 31st
Estimated GB Date: Late Q2 to Early Q3 2024

Vendors & Pricing
Custom Keyboard Co. (US + Canada shipping)
Keebs Club @ UCI (local pickup in Irvine, CA)

Pricing (USD, does not include fees or shipping):
70 ct switches - $45
90 ct switches - $58
110 ct switches - $71

To-Do List
Prototypes are on the way
Feedback is welcomed

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