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AM HATSU - Alu Dactyl-manuform Keyboard?

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Each of my split board halves weight about a kilo. Weight is not a problem.

I would argue that weight would be an advantage with a split. It pisses me off when I have to continually re-adjust the halves since they shifted below me. I understand I can partially fix that with bigger rubber bumpons and a nice non-slip deskmat. But still.

Crazy Designers, please make this a reality if you can!

Erm, it seems Am Hatsu is on the way, but I doubt it's something I can afford this year. Please keep making it!

This looks really, really cool! I personally wouldn't mind the heavier case on a split ergo.

Like others, hoping for QMK/VIA support to easily customise the layout.

From the replies (crazy designer said he's thinking about 2-3 layers), seems like it is not QMK compatible.

Haven't seen any prebuilt bluetooth keyboard with QMK out of the box, the only bluetooth supported by QMK require hand built and I haven't even seen one demo'ed on youtube or elsewhere.

Whether it supports QMK or not, if AM HATSU software and configurator can support the full sets of QMK functions, I guess that will suffice.

But that list is huge and not trivial to replicate:

mod-tap, tap-dance, one shot modifiers, etc. The first two can span into a lot of different combos, even QMK VIA don't support for the time being.

Without MT, TD and OSM though, I would not consider using because those features actually make my typing experience super comfortable, split and ergo shape will be secondary concern.


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