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What's ur go 2 for working the lobes ?

feeling dull in the pandemii...

Learn a foreign language. I have been studying Japanese a bit, but have still a long way to go before I can watch anime without subtitles (which is my goal, Japanese writing would be too much I think). It sure forces me to think in different ways.

In general:
Physical exercise Good for the brain as well as the body. No need to overdo it though.
Experience greenery Good for mental well-being in general.
Meditate Meditation is an exercise in acquiring mental focus, and being better able to focus can help with all mental tasks.

Walking outside.

one that I think you all will appreciate is practicing listening skills
In the fewest words, how can you ask questions, how can you keep them talking? This is a challenge I am doing with a girl (she doesn't know it yet)

I ain't workin' more then I gotta.


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