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Back, was fun at Computex '15.

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kitkats are safe yes?


--- Quote from: tbc on Sat, 23 May 2015, 18:00:25 ---kitkats are safe yes?

--- End quote ---


Yes. ;)


Having seen what can happen when a building floods (the building where I work has has floods of varying degrees about 6 times now) I can sympathise.

You are lucky that not much was damaged.

The worst part for us was the musty smell for months afterwards.  Ceiling tiles can always be replaced.

Ouch. I've seen some flooding in commercial and in houses. Commercial can be somewhat easier to deal with.

With that colour water and mix of fluids, I'd definitely be looking at pulling that carpet too, and maybe going with a plain floor, at least until you're sure things are clean and dry. Odd smells and mold would suck.

Nothing wrong with investigating a drip either! But how'd they manage to turn it into a flood? :(


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