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« on: Wed, 14 October 2015, 14:54:17 »
Normally, I wouldn't bother entertaining the kind of vile people that have been sending BunnyLake hateful PM's, but I feel I should definitely step up here with some information for you -

I donate my work often, to several causes; giveaways, charity auctions, or people in need. It's my work, and its at my discretion whether I want to do so or not. There is a big difference between
donating my work to a charitable cause, or helping someone out versus someone buying something with the sole intention of making profit.

You can just check my history of free things I have given to the community, as well as things I have donated to people.

If you aren't happy with this, then please, feel free to never involve yourself with anything Bunny or I do in this community, I am sure that will set your conscience at ease.

Also, feel free to send me your hate PM's instead of Bunny, as I gave him permission to do so. I will most likely ignore anything that isn't constructive, but send away, just the same


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