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--- Quote from: neverused on Wed, 09 December 2015, 07:00:48 ---I've been watching these on Instagram, they look great!

Also, the reference should be made at least once:

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--- End quote ---

Classic movie! :D


The British version of the board game is called Cluedo - so perhaps the ISO version of the keyboard product (if separate from ANSI) could also be called ... Cluedoboard :)

If I got one of them, I would call it the Ludoboard. Alas, I'm making mine ANSI, all blue, blue alps switches, and calling it the Blueboard.

I'm good at naming things.

The same product is compatible with both layouts, by the way. Also JIS, I believe.

signed up to be notified!
cant wait to check it out.

Created account...looking to see about an order...waiting for response to questions on acrylic pictures/colors.

Great job, can't wait!


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